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How we can help you do good…

Really, we are up for just about anything! 

Our toolbox includes a fresh pair of eyes, objectivity, and a whole bunch on online business strategy.  Maybe your organization needs a fresh new way of spreading the word about what you’re up to and getting people involved.  Maybe your organization is just getting started and needs an online presence where people can learn about you and contribute to your cause.  Maybe the business your own or work for is making bank, but it needs a little spark of creativity to create a campaign that gives back or impacts the world in a positive way.  

The point is, we’re not confined by a list of services we offer… we’re ready to partner with you to help you make something amazing!

Some examples of what we’ve been up to…

Need some clarity? No problem!

We’ve helped businesses make giving a part of their mission whether that be in the form of scholarships for their services to those who need a little financial help or creating a culture of giving back with a percentage of sales going to fund a local or national campaign.

We’ve helped organizations think outside of the box to promote their cause, get more eyes on it and reach the people who care about the same things they do.  We’ve helped up and coming organizations get organized and create an online presence so people can find and support them.

We’ve helped individuals use their skill set and their creativity to create ripples of good… 

Hi, I’m Julie!

In a nutshell, I was born and raised in Texas, have spent years living on both the east and west coasts, and currently call a small island off the coast of Washington home. I have spent the past ten plus years studying business strategy, website development, and social media. I have jumped out of planes, kayaked with Orcas, donated 65% of my liver to someone who needed it, and have had my sidekick Tucker by my side through it all.  

When you work with businesses and organizations, you quickly find that politics and bureaucracy can keep you from making a big impact.  So, I’ve decided to offer what I know and what I do to those who might benefit from it.  This is my way of doing good… and it just so happens that my way of doing good helps others to do good too!